November 2 2019 aquarius horoscope

The list could go on and on.

Full Moon November 12222 Astrology

However, one of its strong traditional associated meanings is charity or patronage. After experiencing difficulties or finding yourself in a bind, usually, financially, someone has stepped in to help out. You can see how this card fits into the position of being a Svengali or stage mother.

Aquarius September/October/November 2019 - MAJOR turn of events in YOUR FAVOR!⚖️🎉

If you are on the receiving end, you will have to be careful not to lose your artistic integrity in securing your benefactor. Selling yourself out can be very tempting. It brings the gift of natures growth and may connect you to Mother Gaia and to earth spirits. Green Chrysoprase brings through the energy of Divine Truth and a sense of justice, with the ability to release energy around and related to ego-based issues from the past.

Chrysoprase can help you seek and find productivity, progress, prosperity, material success, and advancement. It is a potent talisman for efforts directed at career advancement.

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He desires to work on the land, sow and build. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:. Full Moon is trine Pluto. It's a wonderful time to dream up ideas for the future. The moon in fellow water sign Scorpio connects with fiery Mars today, creating a passionate energy in your relationships.

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However, your focus turns to your career as the moon enters Sagittarius. The moon in brooding water sign Scorpio finds you moving through some important changes today—you're cutting ties with a situation that no longer serves you as the moon connects with your ruling planet Mars. You're open to new adventures as the moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius.

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The moon in Scorpio finds you reflecting on your relationships, and you're feeling especially passionate about a person or a creative project as the moon connects with Mars. You're ready to take things deep as the moon enters Sagittarius. The moon in Scorpio connects with Mars, urging you to cut something off that's no longer working for you. The moon enters your opposite sign Sagittarius, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart and encouraging you to connect with others.


The moon in fellow water sign Scorpio connects with fiery Mars, bringing an important conversation before the moon enters Sagittarius, which finds you tackling chores and concentrating on work! As the moon in Scorpio works with action planet Mars, you're sorting out your budget and reflecting on security. However, you're ready to party as the moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius—find any reason to celebrate, and go enjoy yourself! A flirtatious mood flows. It's a busy time for communication as the moon in Scorpio connects with action planet Mars, bringing a boost to your intuition.

Your Aquarius Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

The moon then enters fiery Sagittarius, shifting your focus to your personal life and bringing warmth to your home and family. What's in the stars for you in October? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.