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The astrological Jesus is still a New Age Jesus, or, in more contemporary terms, the Jesus of the new spirituality. Jesus is the man who realized Christ Consciousness, the innate divinity in all men. In a book based on the Edgar Cayce's channeled readings, Christ Consciousness is described as an awareness each of us has, which can be "awakened" by our will, "of the soul's oneness with God. Each of us has within him the Christ, just as Jesus had The cosmic man Reveal yourself to yourself by affirming 'I am the Christ, son of the living God' The return of Jesus should be viewed as perhaps "the reception of the Christ Consciousness in an individual.

I stated in the article that "Humanity has been on the cross Discovering the Christ within frees us to experience that divine nature; what Christ did physically, we must do metaphysically. This Avatar also is a man, Jesus, who became the Christ. As astrologer Oken puts it:. The Christ is the final step in the evolution of Man. It is a level of consciousness in which the individual has completely unified his Self with the Godhead. In this respect Buddha was a Christ as was Krishna as was Jesus. Back to Top Back to Articles List.

Support This Ministry. All rights reserved. But there is life after the Uranus opposition and a better life if we wholeheartedly embrace change. Since we are all living longer most of us will experience a Uranus return which takes place around our eighty-fourth year of life. Depending on our life circumstances, we can begin again. While at the second and third Saturn returns we embark on a new chapter of life with a solid blueprint, at the Uranus Return we do not sit down and make plans but rip up the old blue print and busk it!

It is certainly time to attend to our bucket list. However, this is also a time when our bodies can let us down: we may break bones, lose our balance in all senses and succumb to health problems that interfere with our freedom and mobility. And in the same way that we embraced change at the Uranus Opposition we must do so again. Uranus spends roughly seven years in a sign and when this planet touches a point in your horoscope, you tend to feel very unsettled.

Events have a way of making you feel insecure: nothing seems to last and other people accuse you of not being the same person that you once were. Neptune is the most mysterious of the planets. This planet, like the sea god, Neptune, can be likened to the oceans in all their many moods — sometimes peaceful, sometimes mysterious and sometimes extremely stormy and dangerous.

Neptune was discovered in and coincided with the great Romantic movements in literature and music and with Impressionism. Neptune gives us our desire for things of the spirit and the soul but while the elevated way to experience such states is through discipline and devotion all too often we take the easier but infinitely more destructive route through alcohol and drugs. Neptune takes roughly one hundred and sixty-eight years to orbit the sun so none of us will ever have a Neptune Return!

The Astrology of the Midlife Crisis

When Neptune reaches a planet or point in our chart we become existentially dissatisfied with certain aspects of our life. We tend to lose our sense of direction; we may even lose our jobs, relationships and material assets. If Neptune touches our Venus or our moon we can fall deeply in love. We are never quite the same people after a Neptune transit. Hopefully because we have glimpsed the divine and not because we have lost everything! However, whatever its status in astronomical terms, Pluto in astrology is a mighty force to be reckoned with.

In myth Pluto was the King of the Underworld. His vast realm was full of treasure yet it was also the domain of the dead. The planet Pluto was discovered in and coincided with the rise of Fascism, the development of atomic power and the birth of psycho-analysis. Pluto in astrology represents the process of death and rebirth.

The placing of Pluto in our charts reveals where we will be put through our most transformational experiences. People with Pluto rising at birth or directly overhead have a strong sense of their own destiny; they usually make a profound impact on the world and certainly upon the people with whom they connect.

Yet Pluto-dominated charts can also produce some of the most manipulative and cruel individuals. This is an extreme astrological archetype: just as atomic power can be used to help mankind it can also destroy it. Pluto takes approximately twenty-one years to pass through each sign of the zodiac so a whole generation bears its signature relative to the sign it is in. For instance the Baby-Boomers came in with Pluto in Leo and this group is known as the Me-generation. Since Pluto is such a slow mover when it reaches a point in your own chart it can spend eighteen months or so focusing on it.

During these times we are put through a Ring of Fire. We are usually stripped of some aspect of our existence and have to re-build our lives anew. We experience a death and a re-birth. Nothing in astrology is ever stagnant. As the earth continually revolves on its axis, so too do all the signs, reference points and planets. At the moment of birth, a sign will be rising over the horizon and this is known as your Ascendant, your rising sign.

The Ascendant is effectively the beginning of your chart, the first house of the horoscope. Depending upon the latitude of your place of birth, some signs move more slowly over the horizon, taking some two hours to do so while others move so fast there can be three changes of sign in an hour. As far as interpretation goes, the Ascendant represents the lens through which the rest of personality shines through - it is the gateway to all that we are, the Jungian persona. Without the time of birth and therefore the establishment of the Ascendant, it is extremely difficult for an astrologer to be accurate about character and destiny.

These are the angles formed between the planets and points of the chart i. The aspects from one of the biggest building blocks in astrology. Whether interpreting a natal birth chart for an individual, a nation or an event, the aspects provide the 'meat' and 'potatoes', so to speak and the signs the sauce. While the easy aspects help sweeten the picture, the hard aspects are the business: they are dynamic and always hold sway over the easy angles.

There are twelve astrological ages, each lasting roughly 2, years. The Age of Pisces, which began approximately at the time of Christ, is in the process of giving way to the Age of Aquarius, although some astrologers maintain it came in during the nineteen-sixties with the advent of flower-power, free love and the brotherhood of man - quintessential properties of Aquarius. This slow cycle of the ages is caused by a phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes. In simple terms, due to the wobble of the earth as it spins on its axis its position in relation to the background of the stars shifts year on year.

The cusp means the beginning - i. Since astrology has become popularized a misnomer has arisen that a person born on the cusp of a sign - i. This is not the case. The sun is at 29 degrees 59 minutes and 59 seconds of Pisces and a second later will be 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 1 second of Aries! You are either one sign or another; you do not straddle two signs. Sometimes, a sun sign column will differ as to the dates the sun will be in a particular sign. This is because the arrival of the sun in each of the signs varies slightly from year to year therefore astrologers can only give an approximation.

This is the opposite point to the Ascendant. It designates the seventh house of the horoscope and in interpretation, describes your relationships and the effect other people have on your life. Traditional astrology books describe this area as the house of partners and open enemies. The elements are one of the key building blocks of astrology. Each sign belongs to one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. In ancient astrology, the elements had a seasonal aspect to them: Air had the features of spring, Fire the summer, Earth autumn and Water winter.

This categorization works well with food and astrology, since the produce of spring is plentiful at the time of Aries, Taurus and Gemini, the foods of summer are in ample supply in the season of Cancer, Leo and Virgo, autumn fare abundant throughout the signs of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius and winter produce is in rich supply at the time of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

And the seasonal dimension of the twelve zodiac signs is reflected in the traits of each sign, regardless on which side of the Equator you were born. In terms of character Fire signs are passionate, impulsive, spontaneous, daring and extrovert; Earth signs are conservative, sensual, practical, reality-based and grounded; Air signs are objective, conceptual, theoretical and communicative; and Water signs are nurturing, sensitive, feeling, cautious and introverted.

The qualities, otherwise known as the modalities, represent another key building block of astrology. Here the zodiac is divided into three groups of four thus making each sign in a group of elements a different Modality. In terms of character Cardinal signs are self-motivated and ambitious; Fixed signs are resistant to change and require to be in control; Mutable signs are ambiguous and diffusive. In the same way that the elements in ancient astrology were related to the seasons the three modalities reflect different parts of each season - the beginning Cardinal the middle Fixed and the end Mutable.

The burst of energy that inspires the first shoots in Aries blossoms in Taurus and disperses in Gemini providing a conduit to the next season, summer. And so on. In the same way that there are twelve signs of the zodiac, the horoscope is divided into twelve segments known as the houses. The first house begins at the Ascendant and the rest of the houses follow on counter-clockwise. Each house represents a different area of life.

Shared creative endeavours. The unconscious. The seat of the psyche. This is the highest point of your horoscope and the start of the tenth house. In interpretation, the Midheavenrepresents, goals and life-direction. If the Ascendant is who we are then the Mid-Heaven is who we want to be. In keeping with its position at the base of the chart, the IC represents the roots of life, the foundations of the future, home, family, the end and the beginning. If the Mid-heaven is where we are going in life, the IC is where we have come from.

Element: fire.

Quality: Cardinal. Ruling planet: Mars. Assertive, headstrong, ambitious, self-motivated - a very macho sign. Element: earth. During this period, you may request a private personal astrology reading with Alison. Kick off your shoes and unwind with a guided meditation for relaxation before bedtime.

Learn some fun ways to use astrology in your daily life. Discover how others use astrology to improve their life. You do not need to be an astrologer to benefit from this wonderful art. This segment is a time for you to learn some actionable steps that you can take to embrace the art of astrology in your life. Decide how astrology and yoga has impacted your life both now, and in the future. Join the group to discuss all the fabulous actionable take-aways you have from your experience at the weekend retreat. This is a time to share connections and future support if you choose.

These cards are from Pure Astrology and can help you to not only learn astrology but to add a polish to your face-to-face readings. If you do decide to increase your astrology techniques with these reading cards, please let me know how you fare and how you found the service and quality. Both have elements that change over time and have seasons and situations in which they shine best. Each sign in the zodiac wheel compliments the others in a specific way, just as wines compliment different foods.

There are already so many resources out there about how to pair food and wine. This is a rare grape, with a very flavorful profile. This wine is popular for its bold, fruity flavors which contrast its dark red color. As the first sign, Aries is open to new opportunities. As a fire sign, Aries tend to have bold emotions at all times. It is not unlike an Aries to show some tough love. To an Aries it means they are doing right by you. This blunt honesty is what makes them a loyal friend and lover.

Petite Sirah is full of aggressive sweet and bitter notes. Similar to Aries, who are bold in their own right, giving you a refreshing solution to a problem. Within all its powerful flavors, Petite Sirah is good for your health. The bitterness is an effect of the high level of tannins in this kind of wine. Champagne comes in a variety of brut, dry, and sweet bodies with deep flavors that pair great with seafood or crunchy appetizers.

Their personality is powerful and attractive making them hard to miss. As far as love languages go, this Fire sign is most fluent in Words of Affirmation. They know what they deserve and will not budge. Fire signs need the proper attention to feel someone is worth the affection they are giving. Like many other wines, Malbec originated in France. However, most vineyards that produce this wine are in Argentina. Malbec has a deep and sweet full body bound to leave you wanting more.

Sagittarians are the social butterflies among the zodiac. They are known to be very positive and outgoing.

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They are always up for sharing information with others. They yearn to be free, therefore knowledge and adventure is what they pursue most. As the last of the Fire signs, Sagittarians can be as aggressive in their passion as they are in their truth-seeking.

Age of Aquarius - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Just like Aries, Sagittarians are very good at starting new ventures but are not the best as finishing them. Cabernet Sauvignon is among the safest choices when selecting a red wine. It has a strong full body with a balance of fruits and spices. Taurus is no exception. People who fall under this sign will work hard for the benefits they earn. Along with their work ethic, a Taurus is dependable knowing that they will earn respect and other prizes.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a sensual red wine that you learn to love and trust — not unlike a Taurus. Chardonnay was originally harvested in large quantities in the Burgundy region of France. The variety of flavors a Chardonnay offers is not limited to the list above.

When fermented and aged in oak, it develops spicy, almost bourbon-like notes, making it the rich white wine we love. Virgos are known to be the most sophisticated on the zodiac wheel. It takes a lot of dedication to make Chardonnay the elegant wine it is, much like the dedication Virgos put into their own craft. This rich white wine is widely produced as the grape can be grown almost anywhere.

The result, Sauvignon Blanc comes in a variety of ranges — from lean to bountiful. Along with their practical sense of duty, they always strive for success. Yet they are fully aware that their success will take time. Capricorns are dry with their emotions, much like Sauvignon Blanc. A Bordeaux Blend is made up of grapes used for red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, in addition to other grapes harvested within the same region of France.

The uses of multiple grapes make this wine a sweet, dark, red blend with high tannins and a strong body. Gemini is one of the signs that tends to earn a bad reputation. They have a two-faced stigma as their personality is ever changing. Can you blame me for picking out a Blend for the Twins? Much like Bordeaux Blend is mixed to balance well, Geminis have their own mix.

Though the flavor of the wine varies in strengths either sweet or citrusy , the wine stays true to its notes. As do Geminis to themselves. Unlike the majority of the wines mentioned, Moscato is an Italian wine made with the Muscat Grape. Libras are towards the center of the zodiac wheel, and you can see a noticeable change in the signs that follow. The first six signs of the zodiac focus more on their individual needs.

While the signs that follow Libras care more about their impact on others. As the Scales, Libras constantly analyze if should they be kinder or harsher depending on how others treat them. This constant mental back and forth is what feeds their indecisiveness. Libras are all about finding and providing balance. Be it in work or relationships, they find comfort in harmony. To do so, would tip the balance scale and would be unfair to their own desires.

Though a Muscat grape can fit into any type of Moscato, the wine will always stay true to its flavor and body, no matter the color. A bottle of light-red wine can be aged for up to 10 years, sometimes more. The aging process enriches the flavors making it all the more satisfying in color and taste.

Natal Chart Calculation

An Aquarius showers us with their knowledge and ideas, as a Water Bearer showers people with their gift of water. They look to encourage others to do better because they see the world as a clock that runs on many gears. They apply this philosophy to themselves as well — always trying to improve on their weaknesses.

Both Aquarians and Pinot Noir are dry, yet smooth.

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In comparison, Aquarians are not ones to lead with emotions. They can be dry in their efforts to communicate how they feel. They believe their actions will speak for themselves. Just as an Aquarius is progressive, Pinot Noir is one of those wines that increase in finesse with age. Rieslings are an aromatic white wine that was first produced in Germany, making it stand out from the French and California wine crowds.

It was turned into a classic table wine for its ability to pair well with savory and sweet foods. As the Crab, Cancers have a tough exterior and will be strong when they need to be, especially to protect their loved ones. While Cancers have a sweet demeanor, their temper is strong.

Cancers are quick to react based on their emotions. The sweetness of a Riesling is controlled during the fermentation process. Merlot is one of those wines that stand out in the crowd.

It has vibrant black cherry flavors and great depth. Due to its complimenting flavors and chocolatey finish, Merlot is a wine can mix well with other full body wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon. Scorpios are one of the other signs that get a bad reputation. If you ask around, people will tell you that Scorpios are the most intense, but this is due to their passion. To a Water sign like Scorpio, loyalty means never revealing secrets.

This type of loyalty, along with their protective nature, is what makes them irreplaceable in friendships and love. Instead, it can be made from a variety of grapes that are used to make fuller bodied wines. Perhaps this order is what makes up Pisces traits, as they encompass a little from all the signs. Their eagerness to make others happy can be taken advantage of. Knowing this, they will be kind, but never a pushover. I still love the yellows, golds, tangerines and reds of the spectrum. Supporting your journey to becoming a professional astrologer. This book is suitable for new astrology students.

If you have decided to learn a little astrology, then this is the book to help you get there. Many people choose to know some astrology, and a few take the next step and discover a wonderful world of insights and support that astrology can provide. Every year more and more people from all walks of life turn to astrology for answers to questions in their lives. Many individuals want to learn astrology, although they have no plan to be a full time, or even a part-time, astrologer. Many people want to know for their own pleasure.

Use it as a guide to the intricacies of an astrology chart. This is book one of three and the other books in this series are;. This book will guide you to focus on key pointers in a birth chart, so you can get to read a chart quickly and confidently. For example, if someone has their arms folded, it is a powerful signal that they are not open to what you have to say. This is basic stuff, but great information that you can use every time you speak to someone who has already shut you out because you now can do something else or approach them differently to reach them in other ways.

With a little astrology knowledge, you can connect with people in a better way through the understanding of their core personality, characteristics and behaviors as shown through their birth chart. Your life was mapped out with core characteristics from the day you were born. The knack is knowing how to read a birth chart. It is for anyone who wants to get to grips with astrology fast, and someone who does not have time to waste on the tons of details in astrology.

Learn about the importance of staying on the high roads and leaving the back roads and windy paths for another day. You can spend the rest of your life learning more and more about astrology, but you do not need to know everything right now. You are at the start of your astrological journey, and this book will guide you towards what is immediately important and what can be left for another day.

If you have reached a period in your life when time is critical, and you do not have three years to spend learning something new, then this book is for you. The two semesters comprise the full Level 1 work for the Starzology Academy of Astrology and these chapters are considered first-year astrology learning. Additionally, and to help you grow as an astrologer, you are expected to do sixteen hours of independent study for each semester.

The Aspiring Astrology activities are after each chapter. These are like your homework and can be related to every chart that you do from now on into the future. Got questions? This quote relates to how the universe formed, and that the heavier elements were birthed through the life and death of stars. I use stars in many of my patterns.

Supporting your journey to becoming a professional astrologer.

But not all stars are created equal. The number of points in a star is critical to the meaning and ultimately the vibration of the star. My favourite star is the five pointed star which has a point at 72 degree increments. When a circle of degrees is divided by five the result is 72 degrees. I named my business Starzology to tap into this energy. Every time you say a name, like Starzology, you confer the meaning of the word to the entity or person.

Look at the site RedBubble is red. Conferring your name, or your art business name, you will let the universe know you are in business. I see astrology as art, and art as astrology, and I will be sharing more of my creations with you guys. I love the unique symbolism of the zodiac.

Return of the Christ

My art is mainly digital, although I do love getting out and about for some urban sketching as well. Allow me to share with you my experiences as an artist and an astrologer. I have been combining astrology and art for many years. Now I am happy to have found RedBubble to showcase my original art pieces for you. The world has moved on, and in the digital creation arena is where I feel compelled to express myself. From my creator studio in downtown Vancouver, I enjoy expressing myself via the colourful creations I produce.

The language of astrology is created through the symbols and glyphs that are used in astrology charts. These complex shapes and sigils, when skillfully combined, will make sentences which ultimately tell a story. Your personal astrology chart, and the symbols and patterns they contain, can help you explore the deeper meaning of your life through the symbolic language of astrology. When the symbols are in your chart, it will be the story of your life.

These symbols, or glyphs, convey meaning more than the actual shape. Glyphs have inherent properties that can be used to elevate your understanding of your life, and the world around you. In your chart the synergy effect is present. Now one plus one equals three, or the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. I use traditional astrological glyphs in my artistic designs to bring them into mainstream consciousness for everyone. We are but a small part of the huge universe.

Many galaxies, stars and planets bring the positive energy of the universe to life. This is where life is lived to the full. The vast dark space between the stars is the negative energy. Between the two opposites of light and dark, or positive and negative, the universal energy is in balance and mathematically adds up to zero. The deep purple background symbolizes the night, and the negative, as it contrasts sharply with the brilliant white light of life as shown by the stars. I avoided black to accent this piece by choice.

I interpret purple as a secondary colour that is both rich and mysterious, without the connotation of a darker side of life which a midnight black shade implies. As an astrologer and artist I love what I do. For those of you who have supported me in the past thank you, and if you have just discover my creations, then welcome. If you want to know more about my process, you can watch my YouTube channel Starzology where I discuss the art or astrology and how you can benefit from knowing a little astrology.

The graphic ephemeris is a powerful visual tool. Expand your knowledge in this fun lecture. Predict like a professional astrologer with the graphic ephemeris. Learn some simple steps to improve for your client forecast work. Bring your chart and be ready to roll up your sleeves. Alison Price is a consultant astrologer, writer and popular lecturer based in Vancouver, Canada. With a diploma from the South African College of Astrological Studies, Johannesburg, and a certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, England, she writes feature articles for international journals.

Alison mentors a select number of engaged students each year. This article will show you what next two steps to take after you know what is your Sun sign. A way to learn astrology. If you believe your Sun sign is not enough then this is for you. Perhaps you already know your Sun sign. It could be Aries, Cancer or Virgo etc. Your Sun sign depends on the date of your birthday. It is the zodiac sign which the Sun was in at the time and day you were born.

The Sun sign is the first nugget of information that all people know about astrology but, after that, what should you learn next? The second thing you need to learn is your Ascendant sign. This is likely to be different to your Sun sign although it could be the identical. The third fact you need to discover is your Moon sign. Again, you will have to cast your chart to find this out.

Your Moon sign is likely to be in a different sign both to your Sun sign and even to your Ascendant sign, but it could be the same. If you do not yet have a copy of your birth chart, there are three pieces of information that you will need. For quick information go here to calculate your chart.

Alternatively, if you want your full birth chart one page diagram calculated by me as a PDF go here. These three pieces of astrological information, your Ascendant sign, your Sun sign, and your Moon sign, are known as the holy trinity, the triad or the triumvirate of your chart. They are always listed in this order of importance; Ascendant, Sun, Moon and yes, your ascendant is more important than your Sun. If you are an aspiring astrologer , and if you attend an astrology conference , you will be given a badge with your name.

There will be a space for you to write the three main parts of your chart listed on it, your Ascendant, your Sun, and your Moon. The Ascendant has the possibility of being in any one of the twelve signs, the Sun has the possibility of being in any one of the twelve signs, and the Moon has the possibility of being in any one of the twelve signs. This detail is huge and speaks to the complexities that can be found within an astrology chart, but there is a simpler way. In astrology there are two polarities active and passive.

But only eight possible combinations. The use of polarity in the holy trinity of your chart is way to simplify what is a complex subject, astrology. Of course, there are many more interesting things about astrology charts that you could learn. Share your polarity combination with us in this quick anonymous survey. The equinoxes occur twice a year the first equinox is around March 21st and the second equinox is around September 21st.

This was a class for beginners with not even a whiff of technicality or astrologese or astrology jargon. It was about a lot of getting to know what astrology is and what it is not. It is quite easy and you can do it yourself. Get you Wheel of Fortune merchandise here. Here is your template so you can make your own astrology wheel of fortune. You can download the PDF file below which is the recommended way to go as it is easier to print , and use it later.

Click here. Hang the finished astrology wheel by a centre pin so that it can rotate, because you read each sign when it is at the bottom and the signs can be read from all around. You should place your wheel on the wall near your desk and where you do your astrology work. In this way, it becomes as inspiration and a memory jogger for when you forget things. Remember to send me a photo of your completed wheel and I will publish it on this post later. When you discover a new word to describe the signs you can add them to your wheel.

This is how you interpret astrology and not how I do, or the next guy does. Why stray from the true and tested keywords? Because we want to hear your voice coming through in your interpretations. If you ask ten artists to paint a picture of an apple they will all produce a painting that represents an apple. It is the same with astrology. Every astrologer can read a chart, but each one brings their own flair to the reading. Your own words are important and this is why you need to develop your own words as well. Back in the day I was taught that the eighth house was to do with death.